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Author Guidelines

  • Article must fall within the scope of the Journal to be considered for publication
  • Article must meet the criteria assuring reproducible quality and efficacy of herbal preparations.
  • Method of preparation of Herbal extracts must be clearly and comprehensively described with respect to the plant part used, the drug extract ratio, type of solvent used, concentration of extraction solvent, extract yield etc.
  • The authentication of fresh plants or dried herbal drugs, including those of formulas, must be carried out by means of macroscopic and/or microscopic, molecular biological, chemical, chromatographic and/or other suitable pharmacognostic methods
  • Latin binomial name, local/indigenous name and English name, the date and location of collection Voucher specimens; plant part(s) used, voucher number/authentication/ identification number must be specified for all plants used in the study. The name of the plant can also be confirmed with the plant list database (
  • For commercially produced material, the source, batch number, and quality control data should be specified. All scientific names of the plants must be written in italics through the whole manuscript! Herbal medicinal products and herbal extracts
  • For pure compounds, chemical name should be provide using relevant information available on PubChem database (
  • For gene nomenclature Authors should use appropriate gene names and symbols.
  • Investigations involving the use of experimental animals must state in the Methods section that the research was conducted in accordance with the internationally accepted principles for the care and use of laboratory animals in research. Relevant ethical approval number should be included.
  • Investigations with human subjects must state in the Methods section that the research followed guidelines of the Declaration of Helsinki and Tokyo for humans, and was approved by the institutional human experimentation committee or equivalent bodies, and that informed consent was obtained.
  • Statistical hypothesis and analysis methods should be described in detail.


Privacy Statement

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